Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Favorite Things and a Contest!

I am often asked by customers what my favorites are among my own products. So today I thought I would share that answer with you.

First let me just say that I use every single one of my own products. I start my day in the shower with soap. If I shave that day, I use sugar scrub before shaving for exfoliation and then soap on my legs instead of shaving cream. Upon stepping out of the shower I moisturize my skin with body butter and then spritz on body spray.  On special days, when I relax in the bath tub, I will use a bath fizzy.  I also usually have a lip balm or 10 within reach, wherever I go. :)

I can't pick just one of my favorite products so I will share with you three of my current obsessions:

Margaritaville Soap - If I ever stopped soap-making as a business I would still have to make this for my own personal consumption. I love the smell and I don't ever want to go back to commercial soap.

Cotton Candy Body Butter - So very yummy and moisturizing. Could not live without this!

Peppermint Lip Balm - I love the cooling feel of this lip balm and I find myself licking it off my lips!

Now for the contest!

Win your favorite product! Reply to this post/or facebook telling me what your favorite LillaSyster Soap Co. product is, including scent or flavor, and why you love this item. If you have never tried any of my products, let me know which products interest you the most, and why. In a few days I will draw a random name and that person will win their favorite product!


  1. The margarita and 7 again for body butters, I love the clay facial soap. It cleans my skin but doesn't dry it out.... Absolutely love the peppermint lip balm. Sorry about long list, but I can't pick just one!

  2. You don't have to add me in the competition because I still have a good supply. EVERYTHING you make is amazing! I love the smell of ALL of it even the men's ones! I LOVE the scrubs because you can really feel it on your face but without drying it out! Its really great stuff and I use every thing I have I love! I just wanted to come on here and rave! Good Luck to all who enter! It is soooo worth it!

  3. I recently bought soaps and lotions for stocking stuffers and everyone went mad over them! I got home though and realized that I didn't buy any for myself! *cries*

    Well I did buy myself some lime lip balm and I use it every day! It isn't thick and greasy, but it does leave my lips hydrated! It's a miracle! I really want some of your margaritaville! I'm a hand lotion junkie!