Friday, March 29, 2013

The "Backstage" Tour!

Today we are going on a "backstage" tour of my studio! Many of you have seen what the store-front part of it looks like, but only a few have actually gone behind the scenes to see where the magic is made.

I am very pleased with my workspace, as I started in my home kitchen. When it was time for meals, I had to pack everything away and unpack again the next time I wanted to make soap. And by packing away I mean putting it all in boxes wherever I could find space. My guest room was overflowing as were several other areas in the house.

In Jan of 2012 I was able to move into a small space downtown. The water and sinks were down the hall which meant I had to take home all of my dishes to wash every day. I also had no space for a store front, but it was heaven for awhile because I was able to get my house back from the soap monster.

In August of 2012 I moved into my current place. I now have a small sink and plenty of room to display my products!

This is my main work area. It may seem small, but again, it's so much better than trying to clear away in time for dinner, as I did in my home kitchen. Here, when I am done for the day, I can just lock up and go home. And I have a tiny kitchenette where I can wash dishes! Woo!

Here you see my curing racks. At the time the photo was taken, I had nothing curing, but now the racks are filled with soaps including some of those I have been showing on facebook lately. The tall green organizer is filled with my fragrance and essential oils.

This is my office/wrapping center. The rack on the far right holds all of my extra stock which is not out in the store front.

Hope you have enjoyed this little tour. I took these photos about a month ago, and now my layout is about to change again. My partner (Heather the massage therapist) with whom I have shared space since August, is closing her business. I will miss her, but it will also open up more space for me. Hopefully once I get everything organized again I can do another post to show you my new layout. I am planning to use her room as a curing/product room and therefore be able to expand my actual work space, which is badly needed!