Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Mad Scientist

I'm like a mad scientist in the soap lab today. My hair is sticking up everywhere, my body is jerking in odd directions and my hands are stained red. Am I creating a monster? No, just Valentine's soaps and sugar scrub! Oh and the jerky part is just me dancing to Bohemian Rhapsody.

Want to see pics? (Of the soaps, not me dancing.) You'll have to wait until the newsletter comes out in a few days. Be sure and subscribe here. For now, here is a teaser.

What is this? Hint; It's NOT sugar scrub!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Favorite Things and a Contest!

I am often asked by customers what my favorites are among my own products. So today I thought I would share that answer with you.

First let me just say that I use every single one of my own products. I start my day in the shower with soap. If I shave that day, I use sugar scrub before shaving for exfoliation and then soap on my legs instead of shaving cream. Upon stepping out of the shower I moisturize my skin with body butter and then spritz on body spray.  On special days, when I relax in the bath tub, I will use a bath fizzy.  I also usually have a lip balm or 10 within reach, wherever I go. :)

I can't pick just one of my favorite products so I will share with you three of my current obsessions:

Margaritaville Soap - If I ever stopped soap-making as a business I would still have to make this for my own personal consumption. I love the smell and I don't ever want to go back to commercial soap.

Cotton Candy Body Butter - So very yummy and moisturizing. Could not live without this!

Peppermint Lip Balm - I love the cooling feel of this lip balm and I find myself licking it off my lips!

Now for the contest!

Win your favorite product! Reply to this post/or facebook telling me what your favorite LillaSyster Soap Co. product is, including scent or flavor, and why you love this item. If you have never tried any of my products, let me know which products interest you the most, and why. In a few days I will draw a random name and that person will win their favorite product!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Storefront

You know those times when you start a blog and then write a satisfying first entry and months go by...


Yeah, me either.

Okay, guilty as charged. Many things have happened since I originally wrote that last entry but the big news is I now have a store front. WOO!!

I opened in September of last year. The location isn't all that great as there aren't any walk in customers. Those who come in already know about me. But it's a start! And it's awesome to have everything out of my house.

I'm open on Saturdays only right now until traffic does pick up, but am up there many days of the week working on products, so if you can't make it on the weekend, give me a call (check my facebook page for contact info) to see if I am there. Hope to see you soon!