Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Beta Testers Needed!

I've had a "to do" list of products to make ever since I began LillaSyster Soap Co. I want to offer only the highest quality products, so each new product must go through intensive testing to ensure that it's good enough for, you, my customers. Therefore I recruit beta testers to help me with this. 

What is a Beta Tester?
From my very first soap, I've had beta testers. These are eople who are willing to try my products for free in exchange for honest feedback. At first these were members of my own family, but as my business grew I involved my cutomers.

What will I be testing?
When a new product is ready to be tested I will send out a detailed email describing the product and scent. It could be sugar scrub, lotion, a new soap scent, etc. If after reading about the product you decide you want to test it, you will simply follow the instructions that will be included on what to do next to become a tester. If you don't want to participate in that round of testing you do nothing.

What if I don't like or use that particular product?
If the product is a lavender scrub and you can't stand the smell of lavender, then you would obviously want to pass on that particular test group. But if you happen to sign up for a product that you thought you would like but don't, you would still offer feedback letting me know what you did and didn't like about that particular product.

How often will I receive these emails?
Unlike our regular newsletter which is monthly, the emails for beta testers will be need based. You may receive a couple a month, or none for several months, depending on the need for testing. As always, your email is safe with me. I will never use it for any purpose except for what you explicitly agree to. You may unsubscribe at any time. 

Requirements for being a beta tester:
1. You must be willing to come to the studio within a set amount of time to pick up your product. If you live out of town, please don't hesitate to sign up, as often times I will choose out of town testers as well, especially when I want to see how well a product does in shipping. In that case I will pay for shipping of the product to you. 

2. You must be willing to offer timely, detailed feedback after using the product.
By signing up you are expressing your interest in become a beta tester. You will receive an email when beta testers are needed.

To sign up go here and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page..

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